Our Mission:

We empower you to embark on a new journey with self-confidence.

Our mission is to boost your self-assurance by helping you express your unique style and personality. We strive to amplify your voice, often overlooked in mainstream fashion, by crafting clothing tailored to your specific needs while maintaining the style you desire. We stand with you as champions, providing garments that enable you to live an active life without the worries and social stigmas associated with wearing an ostomy bag.


Founder & Compassionate Healthcare Executive

After working as a healthcare executive in London leading R&D for a global Ostomy supplier, Symeria couldn’t shake the feeling that many Ostomates were being ignored. Symeria observed that nobody wanted to challenge the status quo and innovate products that addressed skin irritations, leakage and comfort while allowing Ostomates to feel good about themselves.

As a wife and mother who enjoys travel, outdoor activities and endurance sports, Symeria's community comes from all walks of life and the one factor is everyone wants to remain active and healthy.

Ostomates are no different and many seek to live more active lives with versatility, flexibility, and comfort while feeling good about themselves.


COO & Fashion and Wellness Executive

Leading at the intersection of fashion and wellness, Ilana is committed to share her multifacted knowledge she garned in the activewear industry to help develop products that are fashionable, adaptable, and provide peak performance for Ostomates. Ilana will never compromise a product’s integrity, appeal and comfort to ensure Awestomy Active achieves it's mission of providing best-in-class products for Ostomates that will ultimately contribute to a better quality of life.