Why Choose The Light Compression Wrap?

This wrap is right for you if you want light support wear, ideal for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Awestomy Active different from other brands?

Awestomy Active’s mission is to help Ostomates embrace their new journey and lifestyle with comfort, support and protection.  Awestomy Active wraps were developed to help  Ostomates do whatever they want to do—with versatility, flexibility, comfort while feeling good about themselves. To live life without limits.

How do I know which wrap is right for me?

Awestomy Active offers Compression and Daily wear wraps for Ostomates whose stoma is higher or lower on the abdomen.

Our Compression Wraps are for those who want the most support or who might wear a hernia belt. Choose between High and Low Compression depending on the placement of your stoma.

Our Daily Wraps are great for everyday use! They still support an active lifestyle, yet offer more breathability. Choose between High and Low Daily Wraps depending on the placement of your stoma.

Can I perform my favorite exercise with my Awestomy Active Wrap?

Awestomy Active Wraps is ideal for those who seek an active lifestyle including fitness enthusiasts. Our compression wrap provides maximum protection for weightlifting, running, movement-based fitness, to name a few. See our chart below for more information.

How long can I expect my Awestomy Active Wrap to last?

We recommend you wear your Awestomy Active wrap daily for maximum protection. With proper care which includes washing the Awestomy Active wrap in our mesh bag, your wrap will last for many years.

How do I care for my Awestomy active bag?

To protect your Awestomy Active Wrap, wash it in warm water in the mesh bag. The mesh bag is designed to protect your Awestomy Active wrap for tears and getting entangled in the washing machine.